Seamus - A Very Special Rescue

We first saw him posted in one of many emails that we receive daily asking for help in getting a dog out of a shelter and into the rescue program.  Like all shelters and rescues, there is very little, if any, available space for yet another homeless dog in need, but one look at this handsome, sweet boy, we knew we had to try to help him.

Upon talking with the shelter staff we learned that he was found with an injured rear leg, probably from being hit by a car.  After talking with our vet, an orthopedic specialist, we knew that we had to act quickly in order to save his leg.  Volunteers from North Carolina and Virginia rallied around to get him out of the shelter and transported to our group in Richmond, Virginia, as quickly as possible so that we could get him into surgery the very next day.

When he finally arrived late that evening it was obvious that he was in a lot of pain, however, he never complained, not one whimper, he knew we were there to help him.  He was the most gentle, affectionate, and overall sweet dog that anyone could imagine.

He underwent surgery the following morning where it was discovered that he not only had three fractures to his rear leg, but the front leg was also fractured.  The vet spent several hours repairing both legs, everything seemed to be going well.  We were all hopeful for him, and although we knew there would be another surgery in his future, we had to do whatever was necessary to make him whole again.

Then tragedy struck, he crashed during recovery and his heart stopped.  The vet team tried desperately to revive him, but the trauma to his body was just too great.

We named him Seamus (pronounced SHAY-mus), the Irish form of James.  He touched the hearts of the many rescue volunteers that worked so tirelessly to save him.  Although he was with us such a short time, he affirmed why we dedicate a part of our lives to rescue.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us with the veterinary expenses incurred trying to save Seamus so that we may continue our mission of saving homeless dogs in need.

Dog of the Month: Beau

Beau is a 'gentle giant' of mixed heritage - border collie with possibly black lab and collie. He is a big boy at just under 80 lbs. and is your typical large loveable, goofy kind of guy. He is very gentle and tolerant with small children and would love a family to call his own.

Beau has great recall, is housebroken and although crate trained would rather be with his family than cramped in a crate. He gets along well with other dogs, but would probably be best with only dog savvy cats.

Beau may not be flashy, but if you are searching for an awesome family companion to romp around in the yard, go hiking (and swimming!), or just hang out with, then he's your guy!

Beau is looking for a home of her own! If you would like to add sweet Beau to your family please fill out our adoption application.


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