You would like to help out but you’ve never been involved with any type of animal rescue and you’re not in a position to donate money or adopt a dog.

You CAN still help!

You can spend as little as a few hours a month volunteering or as many hours a week as you would like.

Here’s what goes on and how YOU can help.

Home Visits

On any given day we receive adoption applications from various areas in Maryland and Virginia. We also get applications from Pennsylvania, North Carolina and other surrounding states from time to time.

Once we receive an adoption application we assign someone to do what is called a home visit. The person doing the home visit calls the applicant to conduct a phone screening. If things go well during the phone screening arrangements are made to conduct the actual home visit to meet and interview the family. You could volunteer with us to conduct home visits when we receive adoption applications in and around the area you live. That’s a great help to us. We can easily teach you how to conduct a home visit. You could do home   visits that are close to where you live or as far away as you would like to drive.


Sometimes we need help with transporting a dog. For instance, there might be a dog in a shelter in West Virginia that needs to be transported to one of our foster families in Maryland or Virginia. Sometimes it takes a few people to get the dog to the foster home and several people help with various legs of the journey.  It might be that a dog needing transport will be traveling through your area. As a volunteer, you could drive a few miles one way, meet another transport volunteer who is delivering the dog to you, then you drive the dog a few miles in a different direction and meet up with another transport volunteer. The dog is well on its way to a safe and loving foster home.

Foster A Dog

If you really want to take the plunge and get involved, you might consider fostering a dog. You’re thinking, “I could never do that because I could never give the dog up after getting so attached to it”. Here’s what really happens. You decided to foster a sweet, appreciative dog in need of foster care. You get attached to the dog and can’t for the life of you figure out how such a nice, sweet dog could have wound up being in a rescue situation. All of a sudden an adoption application is filled out for your dog. Before you know it a family comes along to meet your dog, they fall in love and the next thing you know, you’re waving goodbye to your dog, holding back tears thinking, “why did I do this to myself”? You’re heartbroken. A few days go by and you can’t stop thinking about your dog. The family that took your dog was nice enough but that was your dog. You reflect back and it dawns on you what a rewarding and fulfilling experience it was providing foster care for such a sweet, appreciative dog. You think about the joy on the faces of the family that adopted the dog and you realize you did a good thing. A few days go by and you decide to make arrangements to foster another dog. That’s what really happens.

If you would like to conduct home visits in and around the area that you live in, assist us when a dog needs transport near you, or would like to foster a dog, contact us or fill out a volunteer application. We’ll be happy to talk to you about what you can do to help.

We are also in need of donations to help cover the cost of care for our pups. If you'd like to donate, please click on the PayPal link below.

Pup of the Month: Guinness


Although Guinness was rescued by a border collie rescue, he certainly is not a border collie. When his foster Mom saw the plea to save him she immediately saw how special he was and immediately agreed to take him literally minutes before he was to be destroyed at a high kill rural shelter. We believe Guinness to be a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael mix, possibly with rough collie in his lineage.

Guinness is an awesome boy, still mostly a puppy at just under 2 years old. Although a mix, he has many of the traits of the Groenendael - intelligent, active, loyal and affectionate. However, Guinness is not for the faint of heart and will need an experienced home that understands the Belgian Shepherd. He is very wary of strangers and is protective of his people and home. Guinness will bond deeply to his people and may experience some separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. Training and socialization will be essential. For someone who has time, energy, confidence and love, Guinness will be the most wonderful of friends.

Guinness does not react very well to small children and we are guessing he either was never properly introduced or he had a negative experience with small children in his past. He adores the 13 year old boy in his foster home, however, he will not be placed in a home with any children under 12 years old.

Guinness loves playing with all of the dogs in his foster home and would probably be more comfortable in a home with at least one other dog as a playmate/companion. He is moderately active, although not over the top, he will need a fenced yard or dedicated daily exercise to help him burn off some of his energy. He doesn't pay much attention to the cats in his foster home and would probably be fine with a dog savvy cat, however, he will likely chase an outdoor cat.

Guinness has wonderful house manners, is completely housebroken and crate trained. However, he is very food motivated and may counter surf if given the opportunity. He is allowed on the furniture in his foster home, he will usually only jump up on furniture to be next to you. He may need a refresher on walking properly on leash, but he behaves well. He enjoys riding in the car. Guinness has great recall and he knows a few basic commands such as sit and down.

If you appreciate the qualities of the Belgian Shepherd, Guinness truly is a diamond in the rough with a ton of potential to be that awesome addition to your family.

UPDATE:  Guinness has been making great progress under the guidance of Lulu Clarke, professional dog trainer and owner of Yellow Brick Dogs located in Richmond, VA - http://yellowbrickdogs.com/.  He is more relaxed when encountering strangers, he is more confident walking on leash, and he loves going to the park and running along side Lulu while bicycling.  Lulu is so impressed with his progress that she is offering an introductory training session with the lucky family that adopts Guinness!

Guinness in located in the Richmond, VA area. For more information on Guinness, please fill out our adoption application.


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