Meet Ray a healthy and happy pup. Very loyal to women and children, initially appears aggressive towards strangers, and men, warms up very quickly to women and children. If he is growling or acting up towards a man, and one of his main people immediately disciplines him, he will come and sit right by them and stop. Ray walks well on the leash, loves to carry his pack, rides great in the car, always willing to go back in his crate. Has not had any house or crate accidents. I have all that records from the previous owners and he is neutered. He sits, lays down, stays up to a point… I think he would stay better if he got to run more. Shows no sign of bothering cats, loose rabbits, mini pigs, goats, doesn't bother any type of farm animals except the ducks and the bunnies feet in the cage, but not our loose bunnies. He's even good with the ferret. No signs of aggression over food, even facing other animals. He take treats very politely even from the smallest child that's been here.

Ray can be dog aggressive unless it's a small female, but he has gone after three different dogs here without leaving a mark on them. Initial reaction to men is barking growling and biting with out any type of injury. His bite does not hurt or do any damage. He has destroyed a couple of dog beds but it didn't start until after he had been here a couple of weeks, probably because he has to spend so much time in his crate. Ray doesn't chew up his dog toys, like stuffed toys. He will still occasionally try to jump on you, but we had that pretty well broken. He runs free on our farm for supervised 2 to 3 hours a day. He does not fetch but he is excited to run around with my boys and the farm workers.

Ray would do well in a BC savvy family. His previous family did start him with agility classes and he did very well. We suggest Ray be the  only dog, until he has more socialization and in a home with children 12 years or older. We recommend a slow introduction into the family. Ray will need the proper training to help him blossom. He is located in Southampton County , VA. ray is neutered and up to date on all shots. The family is asking for a re homing fee to ensure he goes to a proper home. If you would like more information on Ray you can email teenytinyfarm@outlook.com