Rogue is a 13-month old, 40 lb. cattle dog/german shepherd mix with abounding energy and love of other dogs. He is housetrained and crate trained (he sleeps in his crate at night) and though likes to chew on toys, typically doesn't get into trouble when home out in the house alone, though on occasion has found shoes and recycling materials to be chew toys as to be expected from puppies learning the ropes. Rogue rides well in a car and enjoys outings for hiking/running/ exploring streams and  mountains. He is an excellent running companion, though he does have herding instincts and will chase bikes and runners, so must be kept on leash in those situations. Though Rogue likes to explore, his recall is very good and he will always come back if only delayed by something more exciting for a bit. He has been through basic obedience training and learns quickly, he has been socialized at the dog park, in stores and downtown Charlottesville, though he prefers to be outside playing with other dogs, he can handle a variety of environments. Rogue has no aggression over food or toys or bones, rather than a prey drive he has a play drive and he will jump up and mouth and bark (loudly and high pitched) in an effort to engage both humans and other dogs to play with him, though he's getting better as he matures and with consistent training. 

Rogue would love to be in a home with another young energetic dog for chasing and wrestling and a large fenced yard to run around in all day. Rogue needs more than morning and evening exercise, he needs stimulation from other dogs and people and an outlet for his energy throughout the day to be his best self. Given enough exercise and time outside where his energy dissipates, and a bit more training not to jump and mouth, Rogue would do fine with children of all ages. He would be OK around dog savy cats, though he has a tendency to initially chase them and must be corrected to leave them alone. 

Rogue always loves to roll in the grass, sometimes likes to eat baby carrots and on one occasion has howled with the Canadian geese flying overhead. He is healthy and up-to-date with his flea and tick and heartworm medication. If you think you can provide a home where Rogue can get all the exercise and stimulation he needs and appreciate his energetic nature, or have more specific questions, please contact his owner at