Loui is a cute little guy that was abandoned by his owners. Neighbors caught him and relinquished him to the Louisa County Animal Shelter. Loui looks like a bc terrier cross.  He is only 25-30 pounds (looks bigger in his pictures), and about two years old. He has a nice low maintenance short hair coat.  At the shelter he exhibits a somewhat low to moderate energy level... however, this could change as he comes out of his shell in a comfortable and caring home.  

 He is a bit shy and nervous indoors at the shelter with all the noise. But once outdoors he becomes affectionate. With more constant attention he is likely to be very loving.Loui enjoys getting out of his kennel and going for walks.  He does  well on a leash.  And, he is   perfectly comfortable being handled, even picked up and carried.  He responds normally with no agression when approached by other dogs. He seems to enjoy people.  Appears to be housebroken as he does not go potty in his kennel. He is already neutered.

If interested in Loui contact the Louisa  County Animal Shelter, Louisa VA.  540-967-0401