Meet RIO!!  This young pup was born around December of 2015 which makes him just over a year old.  We think Rio is a mix of Border Collie, Boston Terrier, and maybe a dash of water dog.  Rio currently lives in the country with his 5 canine foster brothers and sisters.  Rio enjoys swimming in our creek, “fetching” (the RIO way) tennis balls, and LOVES his herding ball.  If you have never seen a pup “herd” a ball before, copy & paste the link below and watch:

The dog in the video is not Rio but he really knows how to move that ball!!  Rio is very athletic and because of this, he would do well in almost any dog sport.  Rio is smart and enjoys attention and is very treat motivated.  

Rio also enjoys PLAY.  Rio’s best friend is a very playful female who spends a lot of time playing with Rio when she is not helping him learn good pack manners.  

Rio is looking for a home that is active and willing to spend time with him training and playing.  He is good with other dog friendly dogs and eager to please.  

Rio is currently being fostered in Franklinton, NC.  If you have any questions about Rio, please contact his foster at