Brianna is a stunning red and white border collie with baby blue eyes.  ARCBCR is estimating her age at around 1.5 years.  Her beauty is accompanied by a personality that is genuinely sweet yet very shy with new people; timidly affectionate; and, one that needs leadership and togetherness (human and canine) to make her feel comfortable.   This girl came into rescue with notable trust and anxiety issues.  And, even though Brianna has made great strides in overcoming the associated behaviors she is not for everybody.  

Brianna needs to be a “country dog”. The reason…if she gets the urge, Brianna can be difficult to keep in a fenced area, even a kennel. Although she is now feeling very comfortable staying inside her 3-acre fenced enclosure, we still do not feel she is suited for life in a city or suburban yard.  If her anxiety kicks in she will escape.  Brianna is now trusted off leash at her foster farm.  She stays close by, plays in the woods or water, and comes back when she tires or is called. She also loves being indoors when her play time is over.  This girl is athletic and needs space to run and play and someone that is comfortable having a yard/farm dog.  

We are also going to give preference to a household that has other well adjusted, nonroaming dogs that can provide her with canine companionship.  Brianna’s comfort and confidence level is dramatically increased when she has other dogs to take cues from and hang with. She gravitates to the company of the 4 dog buddies she lives with -  their company providing her the needed sense of belonging and security she craves. They have taught her that it’s okay to stay with them inside their 3-acre play field and come into the house.  

We are also going to recommend a household without young children.  Brianna has a wonderful disposition but can get a bit rough when playing.  Brianna is beginning to enjoy fetching.

Brianna will need foster parents that are fairly dog savvy, patient and confident pack leaders.  She is a very smart girl!  However, she has a somewhat independent nature which can make training a bit challenging.  And, she is still shy with new people. She is likely to go into her shy shell a for a bit in a new home.  She responds well to calm, positive training and treats!.  She is also fonder of women but is gaining her trust with men.  So, a household with a strong women pack leader for her to bond with initially would be helpful.

We think a home without livestock is best.  Brianna enjoys hunting moles and mice in the yard (or other peoples’ yards), occasionally digging up bushes or flowers in the process…another reason why life in a community probably would not work for her.  With her apparent prey drive (or what could be untamed herding drive), along with her ability to get in and out of fences it is possible she would run livestock.  

Brianna is being fostered by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue outside of Richmond, VA.  She loves being a housedog and yard dog, is housebroken, utd on vaccinations, spayed, has learned to live in harmony with her foster mom’s housecats, is moderate to high energy yet settles wonderfully indoors, okay on a leash, and she loves to snuggle on a nice dog bed.  If you have the needed home environment for Brianna you can apply to adopt below.  For additional information please contact her foster mom at