Gucci is a year old Border Collie mix. He has a very friendly and outgoing personality.  He can be a little reserved when he first meets someone but once he knows you he’s your friend forever. His tail never stops wagging! He is very affectionate and loves to have cuddles and belly rubs.

Gucci is very smart and is an active young dog. He would love to go to a home where he can get a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. He learned sit and shake on command very quickly. Once he knows a trick he doesn’t forget it and is more than happy to volunteer his new skill at any opportunity! Gucci is crate trained but isn’t really a fan of being in a crate when he can be right next to you instead. Gucci walks very well on a leash and can’t wait to go out and explore. As a young dog Gucci would do best in an active home. He would be a fantastic hiking or running buddy.  He would also make a great Agility dog as he's very smart. Gucci loves all toys -- especially balls --and he is learning how to chase them and bring them back. Gucci is very social and playful, but will bark at dogs outside the fence if they do so to him. However once he meets other dogs he loves to play and run with them. He plays nice with toys with other dogs as well. He didn’t know much in terms of behavioral boundaries when he first arrived into foster care, but he’s improving daily. Gucci has been known to counter surf so he will need a refresher course in his new home. Overall he's a very good boy. Please consider Gucci as your next best friend!

Gucci is not suitable for an apartment situation or a home with young children. Fenced yard is required. He has not been cat tested. Gucci is up to date on all vaccinations and is neutered. 

Gucci is in foster care in Sterling, VA and is available for adoption through ARC Border Collie Rescue. If you are interested in Gucci please fill out the application below.