Dakota is a stunning 2-3-year-old boy who we believe is a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd mix. His beautiful and unique looks are complimented by a wonderfully outgoing, high energy and fun personality. This energy has given him an enthusiastic affectionate for people. He bonds quickly and enjoys showing his fondness for his people…He loves to tumble onto his foster moms lap when sitting on the grass and jump onto his foster dad when he is trying to enjoy a nap on the couch…and he is a fairly big boy, around 60 pounds. His size and enthusiasm therefore make him a better match for a home without small children.

Dakota also enjoys the company of most other dogs… he loves running and playing with four canine companions at his foster home and compatibly shares his indoor and outdoor spaces with them. However, he has gotten snarly with a couple other dogs. And he loves to steel toys from his buddies (see his video). So, his foster mom feels a home where he can be the sole center of attention might be best.  Dakota is good with the indoor cats at this foster home. He hasn’t shown any desire to chase them – basically ignoring their presence. However, he has shown tendencies to chase when outdoors. So, small animals and livestock are not recommended. 

He is a great indoor/outdoor dog.  He comfortably spends his days outside playing with his buddies in a large fenced field. When evening comes he excitedly bolts to the house for family time and dinner. Dakota is very food motivated. Dakota has some with basic training, loves to ride in the car, and is house trained. He is learning to walk on a leash and is taking to it with a firm command. With a little more basic training, Dakota can become the dog everybody dreams of…an all-around companion, playful, obedient, loyal and loving. This smart, enthusiastic, high energy boy will need an active family with some dog experienced.

Dakota is being fostered in Apple Grove, VA (just west of Richmond) by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue.  If you would like more information on Dakota please email his foster mom atlamblady.anne@gmail.com. If you would like to apply for adoption, you can apply below.