Dilli is dynamite dog!  He is a 1 year old male smooth coat Border Collie/mix, 36 lb., neutered and up-to-date on all vaccines.  Dilli is loyal, snuggly, and likes to lick hands and lay close to you or place his head on your lap.  He is healthy both physically and emotionally- no past trauma in his young life that I can tell, no fear of men or aggression towards people or other pets.  He plays great with our two kids! He has only been with us a short time, but he is very smart and learns commands quickly. In less than two weeks, he now understands “sit”, “down", and “come”.  He is working well on “place” and “with me” (heeling) and how to focus attention on my eyes. He is fetching sticks and returning them. He sits before entering/exiting the house and before eating.  He has a lot of energy, running at high speeds and bounding around the yard, so space to do that would be a benefit. Dilli would make a fine pup for agility trials or just more tricks/training.  He needs his mind challenged.  

Dilli also really enjoys being outside more than inside.  We are spending lots of time outside with him, but he sleeps inside, both in a crate when we are gone and on a dog bed all night quietly.  Dilli would do great with another dog with him at some point, as I believe he grew up around his siblings on a farm. He has done great when meeting other pups on walks. Dilli is an excellent, well-socialized dog.  He will make an amazing addition to a family with room for him to run and time to teach him new things.  

Dilli is being fostered in the VA Beach area,, if you would like more information you can emailmaizeycay@yahoo.comor apply to adopt below.