Dilli is a 1-2 year old border collie cross boy looking for an active home. He is a great housedog, companion, playmate for both his human and canine buddies, loyal, snuggly and well mannered. is 36 lb. frame makes him a nice size dog for suburban life but equally suited for life in the country.

So, who is this Dilli dog? Dilli is a smart guy who learns commands quickly. His foster mom easily taught him “sit”, “down", and “come”. He also sits before entering/exiting the house and before eating. On the play side of things, he has also learned to fetch. He is a moderate energy guy who loves running at high speeds and bounding around the yard. His energy and intelligence would make him a possible pup for agility and frisbee work; and, more tricks training! He would also likely become a great jogging or walking partner Whatever his destiny, he will benefit from a lifestyle that includes both moderate physical exercise, mind challenging activities and lots of time outdoors. Dilli enjoys being outside sometimes more than inside!

However, as active as Dilli can be, one of his favorite things to do is lay next to you with his head on your lap. Dilli loves people!  He is a definite companion who enjoys just hanging out. here hasn’t been a person he didn’t like, including children. Dilli is comfortable chilling out in a crate when you need to leave the house but loves a good dog bed at night. 

Dilli is well-socialized and mannered dog that will make an amazing addition to a family. He does well with dogs his size or larger but does not seem to like small dogs. So, we are recommending a home without any small animals such as cats, chickens, small dogs, etc. nor small livestock such as sheep or goats.Dill is neutered, up-to-date on all vaccines, house broken and on heartworm preventative.

He is being fostered in Mineral, VA by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue.  You can apply to adopt Dilli below.  For additional information contact his foster mom at lamblady.anne@gmail.com