Floyd is a 1-2-year-old, owner surrendered, pure bred border collie with performance potential. He is a Frisbee fanatic and has had novice training in agility.  He is also doing nose work at his foster home with daily games of hide and seek. In addition to his amazing work qualities, Floyd is also a great companion, affectionate, very intelligent, gets along with other dogs, knows basic commands, recalls beautifully. 

On the flip side…Floyd is very intense and high energy. He is also likely considered o.c.d. as he needs something to occupy himself with most waking hours. To address these needs, his current daily routine includes several rounds of Frisbee and a long run in the woods for physical exercise, and hide and seek for mental stimulation. With enough activity he might settle in for a night in front of the fire with his foster parents. But, it isn’t unusual to find a frisbee in your lap even then.   

Unfortunately, Floyd was confined to a crate as a puppy in a garage where power tools were being used. He now has fairly significant noise sensitivities and aversion to being crated.  He hates the sounds of power tools (understandably) and also reacts to vacuums, electric tooth brushes and lawn mowers so far. He cannot be in an environment where tool or machine noises are the norm…he will do best in an environment where noises can be avoided or managed to some extent. Or, with people who can help desensitize him to noises.  He also cannot be crated.

This beautiful boy is obviously not the dog for just anyone. We are looking for a very special placement for Floyd. He will only be considered for adoption to a very experienced border collie or dog home, with preference to someone who is interested in getting him involved in performance activities, for hobby or competition. Will need to be able to provide lots of physical and mental activities; must understand and be able to manage o.c.d. and noise issues. He is also not fond of cats and has not been tested on other small animals. With noise sensitivities, a household with small children is also not recommended.

 Floyd is being fostered by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue in Mineral, VA. You can apply to adopt Floyd below. Qualified persons only please. Floyd is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, housebroken and on heartworm preventative.  For additional information on Floyd contact his foster mom at lamblady.anne@gmail.com.