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We’re glad you’re here. Spend some time with us. Have fun learning about each of our dogs, and please feel free to contact us regarding adoption, volunteering, or donations. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who are we and what do we do?

Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue, Inc. (ARCBCR) is a small, local, nonprofit, all volunteer border collie rescue organization based out of Richmond, Virginia. We are made up of a passionate and dedicated handful border collie lovers who had the good fortune of meeting and befriending each other through past rescue work. We now work together, making it our mission is to rescue and rehome border collies, border collie mixes and other herding dogs. We take in dogs primarily from Virginia and North Carolina; however, we do occasionally reach out to South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland and even Georgia when situations call for it. Most of our dogs come directly from animal shelters. Some have been abandoned and brought in as strays; some have been surrendered by owners. Some have obvious pasts of neglect or abuse; some are happy and well adjusted. Many were at risk of euthanasia. Other dogs in our program come directly from people who can no longer keep them for one reason or another. For dogs we do not have space for, we offer owners a free courtesy listing on our website and assistance with background checks.

All of our dogs are cared for in the private homes of our foster volunteer - fosters open not only their homes, but their hearts, to these dogs. They pour time, compassion, and care into each and every dog – readying them medically and emotionally for new forever homes. Although fosters are the public face of our dogs, we have an amazing team of volunteers working behind the scene. Other volunteers evaluate and transport dogs from shelters, conduct pre-adoption vet checks and homes evaluations of applicants, manage our social media sites, fund raise, track applications, handle finances, and more! And, we can’t forget the veterinarians that graciously give reduced cost services. When you adopt a dog from ARCBCR, you can be assured that each and every penny of your adoption donation goes into caring for the dogs. Before rehoming, every ARCBCR dog receives all the veterinary care it needs. Minimally, our dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated if needed, placed on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. We are also committed to evaluating every dog and every applicant - choosing the best possible family for each dog.

At ARCBCR we believeIt’s Always All About The Dogs

IS A BORDER Collie right for me?

If you live in an apartment, have very young children or don’t enjoy exercise, a Border Collie probably isn’t right for you. A Border Collie is a wonderful dog in the right home, but too often find themselves in inappropriate settings because their unknowing owners saw them in a movie or at the sheepdog trial and thought, “that dog looks smart”. Border Collies are smart and learn very quickly. However, they are not born knowing the skills you see them displaying. That Border Collie you met at the sheepdog, obedience, or agility trial is the product of years of training, hard work and consistency. Border Collies have been bred for centuries with one goal in mind - to work sheep. While this is a positive in a farm setting, this makes Border Collies ill suited to many lifestyles. Border Collies often mistake playful children for sheep and instinctively herd and nip at them much to their owner’s dismay. Sheep herding is strenuous work and a novice Border Collie owner may have difficulty fulfilling a pet Border Collie’s needs for both mental and physical stimulation. In the right home, a Border Collie is a marvelous addition, and can make a wonderful pet, but in the wrong environment a Border Collie can spell disaster.

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We can always use donations to help cover the cost of care for our pups. If you'd like to donate, please click on the PayPal link below. Remember, all donations are tax deductible.

ARCBCR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue making your donations tax deductible.


Zoomie is an incredibly sweet Border Collie/Terrier mix about a year old. He is well behaved and willing to please, and is a great size at 32 pounds. Zoomie is an affectionate, energetic boy and he loves to play with other dogs. He is a rough and tumble player too, so he and Maleia are great friends. Although he is such a lively boy, he is very respectful of the senior dogs at his foster home which the elder girls and his foster mom find very endearing. 

Zoomie is being fostered in the Richmond VA area. If you would like more information you can email manypawz1122@gmail.com or submit our adoption application below if you can give this cute boy a fun and loving home.