Maverick is an athletic and highly motivated 3 year old. He is very focused and loves being challenged to learn new tricks. He is a food monster and will do anything for a cookie. He is very dominant and tolerates other dogs but would be happiest as an only dog. He is terrified of cats and will bark at them and then yelp if one comes near him. He needs a lot of activity and enjoys running, agility courses, and playing fetch. He enjoys snuggling after a long day of playing. He is house trained, but will steal food that is left within his reach. He is resource aggressive. You can not take a food bowl from him. He is kennel trained and eats in his kennel. His kennel is his castle and when frightened he lays in it. He knows "Go to time out" and he will go to the nearest kennel or bathroom to lie down. I use this if he is being aggressive to separate him from whatever he is guarding (toy, stolen food trash, etc.)  He is trained to a vibrating collar and responds very well to it. You can use it for recall and directions. He is muzzle trained as well to basket and cloth types. He is cautious of new surroundings and people, but warms up to them with treats and time. He LOVES being in the car, and tolerates baths. He is very frightened of the vet. Muzzle is required..and  a lot of peanut butter. He will come fully vaccinated to his new home but when it's time to go with him to the vet prepare for some Border Collie drama king antics! He is microchipped, UTD on shots & neutered. Maverick is a very highly motivated dog who would do well in a BC savvy home with a family that will continue his training & plenty of exercise. It is recommended for a slow introduction with other pets & family members.

There is a new baby in the house & Maverick is showing signs of anxiety & some jealousy so it is recommend for a family with children 12 years or older. Maverick is located in Richmond VA.  There will be a re homing fee to ensure he goes to a proper home. If you would like more info on Maverick you can email