Chelsey is a robust almost 4 year old, 35 lbs. Border Collie mix.  Although very shy and skittish at first, if you take the time to quietly earn her trust, she will be your constant shadow in the house and cuddle buddy.  Having been rescued from a neglectful situation, she has slowly been learning how to live life outside of the four walls of a kennel.  That being said, she requires quiet, consistent handling.  She does not enjoy having attention showered on her by strangers or others she is not comfortable with, but never reacts aggressively.  She would rather submit or run than dream of fighting.  She is not a people dog, but those who are lucky enough to be chosen by her will find an endless supply of rubs, petting sessions, hugs, and cuddles waiting for them.  Chelsey enjoys jogging, long walks, and being with you as much as possible. 

She has basic obedience already and is learning some tricks too (high five is her favorite).  Recreational Agility may be a good fit for her as she is constantly jumping over, heading under, or through obstacles.  She is leash trained and house broke.  Good with dogs and has never tried to pick fights.  Not sure how she is with cats as she has never been around them.  She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations, as well as flea, tick, and heart worm prevention.  She has had her teeth cleaned in the past year and a recent vet check.  Do to her past and her insecurities, Chelsey, needs a home with an active single person or a couple as children overwhelm her.  A fenced in yard or keeping her on leash is a must.  She needs someone who is committed to keeping her energy burned, helping her work past her fears, and continuing to teach her about the many things she never encountered in a kennel.

Chelsey is located Waynesboro VA,,, if you would like more information on Chelsey you can email