Ellie, is a playful 1-yr old Border Collie Mix (her papers say lab but I believe it is German Shepherd or possibly Australian Shepherd). 

She has been a great companion to me but unfortunately I am moving across the country to a city with even less access to open fields and off leash roaming opportunities than Richmond, VA and I don’t feel like it would be fair to take her with me. 

Ellie knows all of your basic commands and listens quite well when alone. When she is around other dogs it’s another story. She is VERY food motivated. Unfortunately, she also has not learned the importance of not jumping on people, leash walking when excited, and not nipping people she meets on walks. Definitely no kids under 12 and no cats. She NEEDS a big yard. She is protective of her owner. However, she does great with medium and larger dogs. She is incredibly playful with them. Small dogs - it depends. I really want her to find a home on a big farm, with a job to do, with other dogs. I’m happy to review all her medical and life history. Her foster parent or new owner could have all her toys and food and supplies. 

Ellie is located in the Richmond VA area. For more information you may email derose.chelsea@gmail.com