Shade is a super sweet dog, He is approximately 1 1/2 years old (though the vet thinks he could be older). Up to date on shots. Knows basic obedience. He does like to chew things and will find something to chew on if he is not watched. He is excellent with all people and most other dogs outside of the family and loves to just lay around all day with his people. He is a little more laid back than most Border Collies.  

He does have some possession issues that only surfaced during the last 3 months that we've had him. He does show signs of food aggression with our dog, I don’t think he is suitable for someone with other animals or children under 12 years of age. But I think he would do well with someone who works with him for his resource guarding and does not let him think he owns anything. Someone who will put the time and effort into his training.

He is extremely food motivated and can learn any behavior or fun trick you want to teach him. He’ll do anything for hot dogs or dog biscuits. He can go anywhere with anyone- he is absolutely a confident animal. 

He is crate trained and is very quiet in a crate as long as you ignore his yodeling the first time you leave him alone. If people give in he will do it forever. He did this only one day with me and after that day of no attention he accepted that the crate is a Quiet Place. 

His obedience commands are very solid (sit, stay, down, paw, other paw, side, right turn, left turn). He knows to wait at the door until you say “ok” for him to come. He knows he should not jump on people but needs to be reminded sometimes.  He is very tolerant and will let your trim his nails and brush his coat with no protest. 

Shade is located in Williamsburg VA. For more information on Shade you can email