Overton is a very sweet baby that is 19 months old fully grown and only weighs 25 lb. He needs to find his forever family. if anybody can help I would appreciate it.

He is fully vetted and is on the list to be neutered once his heart worms are cleared, which the one month pill may take care of it because he is only at beginning stages and his next hw test in 2 and 1/2 weeks. He will be treated for his heartworms regardless of what is needed.

He loves all dogs and plays well with all breeds and sexes, is prey drivin as he did kill a hen and if he saw a cat scurry I am not sure what he would do all though when they just lay there he does nothing.

He is very people and children loving and is a good and kind dog he is a little brown dog and needs a break. He is a corgi/doxie/bulldog mix according to the vet. He has one long snaggle tooth along with his overbite on his bottom lip. If anyone knows anyone that would be interested please let me know he needs a good home. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it. I do believe there's someone for each and every one of these babies. 

If you are interested in this little guy, please contact Lisa 843-222-9007.