Moose is a three and a half year old purebred Australian Shepherd. He is up to date on all vaccines and is chipped and neutered. He has no major health concerns. I adopted him about 6 months ago. Prior to this, he had one previous owner and a short stay in a shelter. 

He is housebroken and has never been a furniture chewer. He is occasionally crated, but can handle the responsibility of having free roam of the house when he is home alone. Moose is excellent on a leash and knows a number of basic commands. He is quick to learn, and enjoys doing so. 

Moose has a very anxious demeanor and can be very apprehensive of new people and dogs. This has gotten better through several months of private training and using a protocol to introduce him to new people and settings. Upon adoption, I noticed some aggressive behaviors. Over time, these have diminished with proper training. He is also hypersensitive to noises and will bark and pace around fireworks, some ringtones, and sneezes. I haven’t quite figured out how to properly address this concern, so someone with patience is a must. He can also be very overstimulated by busy areas, so relocating to a rural or suburban area is preferred. Moose is high energy and would benefit from a yard and someone willing to go on long walks and runs with him. 

Moose is looking for someone with a decent amount of time to spend training and playing with him. He is very loving and gravitates to a strong alpha figure. He enjoys playing tug, ball toss, and fetch. He has the potential and smarts to excel at agility and any new tasks. 

If you would like more information about Moose you can email