Wonderful, playful, loving and extremely intelligent Border Collie in need of a permanent home with an owner/owner's who have extensive experience with Border Collies and their behavior issues and quirks. This handsome gentleman is 2.5 years old, up to date on all vaccinations and in excellent health. He is however, exhibiting some OCD, anxiety and behavioral issues that are beyond my scope of experience and knowledge to handle.

We have tried medicines, training at Zoom Room, Petsmart, thundershirt, Benadryl, wall plug in pheromones, daily exercise etc, but so far, I am not able to properly train this young man, and he has started becoming aggressive with our other dog. He paces, pants, salivates and walks grooves in the floor in a figure 8 pattern. He has noise aversion, high anxiety and OCD repetitive behaviors. I will not allow him to go to a home where there are multiple pets, especially small animals like chickens, rabbits, birds, etc. He would do best in a home that is fairly quiet, and not a lot of traffic and chaos. Most likely he would thrive in a therapeutic setting, with a young VERY ACTIVE couple that would not leave him crated for hours daily and on weekends. I will do a home inspection, and meet and greets. I will not allow him to go to a new home that is a "rental" or a military family. That is too transitional of a lifestyle for this very special young man. He is a Cracker Jack! when it comes to frisbee, and fetching balls. When we are at dog parks, people often stop and say 'woowwwww" and "oooh, Look at that dog!" as he is quite a talented young man with his frisbee's and balls. I believe he would excel at fly ball, or agility types of events, IF.... IF... someone with the right skill set could actually be able to train him! Thus far, due to his noise aversion, hyper focusing on sounds, people, fear, anxiety and his want to do what he wants to do, training has been unsuccessful. He is on a completely grain free diet, including his snacks and treats. He is up to date on all vaccines, micro chipped and neutered.

He is completely house trained, but will "mark" his territory when encountering "new" environments. After he feels secure, that behavior stops. He has never had an accident. He does not chew or destroy anything in his environment. He is comfortable with a crate, but does not need to be crated, unless there is fireworks, thunderstorms, or other loud noises he is reactive to. Please be knowledgeable on the exercise and mental stimulation needs of Border Collies. He is extremely intelligent and has the sweetest loving nature, outside of all of his behavioral issues. An older active couple, or a young active couple with maybe 1 other adult pet would be good. I believe Jack would do good with someone who is active in herding, agility, or who spends a lot of time running, jogging, and being very active, who has experience and knowledge of the breed.

If you are interested in Jack you may email roadprincess66@yahoo.com for more information.