I found Sparty at 6 months old in a locked cage in the dumpster by my parking space. I climbed in and pulled this guy out and fell in love. My oldest was 2 1/2 at the time and my husband had never had a dog before. I took him to the vet and cleaned him up. When I brought him home and he saw my daughter they hit it off. She would grab his rope and he would pull her around. She could tug his tail, ears, poke his eyes and do no wrong. The little guy loved her. The moment my husband hit the door it was a bromance of epic proportions. 

We run him 2 times a week minimum and he gets his hair done every month. He is UTD on shots, heartworn/flea medicine, and has been neutered. He needs love and cuddles every day or he will force cuddle you. He loves to play hide and seek also. This dog would make an awesome service companion if trained. He responds so well to training and having a purpose. He just is not fond of babies. So we recommend a household with children 12 years or older.  He loves to have an open kennel he can make his own space and go to hide or chill. He is house trained and kennel trained. He pulls when you walk him and has to talk and try and meet everyone and everything. 

My family is heartbroken about giving him up. He is a three old baby and his birthday is Nov 4th. He will be 4. We made his birthday up so we could celebrate. 

Sparty is located in Chesapeake VA. If you would like more information on Sparty you can email