Walker is a 3 year old Border Collie, around 57lbs. My ex got him when he was 6 weeks old. When he came here in July 2015 I had 3 teenagers, 6 grown cats and an older lab mix.  For a while he fit in fine.  Then in early 2017 he bit me on the thigh while he was franticly trying to get out the back door. He was generally very affectionate and it seemed like an isolated incident so I did not worry too much about it at the time.  He could sometimes play a little rough and nip if a toy was involved and he had food aggression but those things seemed fairly normal.  Then, in the Fall he did bite my daughter’s upper arm. I contacted my vet and she recommended I take him to the NC Vet School to their behavioral health specialist , and he was started on Prozac 40mg daily last Jan by the NC Vet School Behavioral Health Department. He has not bitten since but still has some unpredictable aggression. He would not be good around young children, I would say older teenagers & adults. He is good with kittens and cats. I have 6 adult cats & three recent rescues that are kittens; two of which I bottle fed from 3 weeks & he is good with them. He takes their balls and chases them sometimes but playfully; not aggressively. I had a 14yo lab mix when I got Walker. He would hump her & chase her so I kept them separated. She has passed & I have a recent rescue that is a 15yo poodle. Walker is good with him as long as there is not food involved. He is playful. Loves to play fetch; i use the chuck it in the backyard. He likes to figure things out using the toys that you place treats in and they have to get the different spots open. He loves to ride. He will not walk on the road but loves to go on trails; we go to Medoc Mountain State Park here sometimes on nice weekend days & he really enjoys that.

My daughter that lives with me is also pregnant and she will be living with me at least a couple of years until she finishes school .  I can no longer keep Walker.  He had his yearly appointment in Oct 2018.  His blood work was fine.  He is on monthly Triphexis and takes the Prozac 40mg daily ($30 per month from Wal-Greens). He is also neutered.  Dr Noe feels that if he had a job, herding or agility training, he would have less aggression. We would like Walker to go to a BC savvy home where he will get plenty of stimulation.

Walker is located in Rocky Mount, NC which is about 45min south of the Va state line, 1 hr east of Raleigh & 45 min west of Greenville. If you would like more information about Walker you can email bolten.diane@gmail.com