O’Ryan is a nine year old Border Collie who needs a new home along with his brother Brody. They can be adopted separately. They both love people and children. If a ball is thrown and one gets it first, they share in carrying it back to you together. They will occasionally get into a fight if one get’s in the cage of the other. Orion is a bit more dominate than Brody, They are very obedient dogs with a great personality. They belonged to our son who got married and moved. He could not take the dogs with him. Their vet is no longer in existence and his office is closed so , and our basement flooded and much was dispose of so we do not have any recent paperwork on them. They both are not neutered. O’Ryan is located in Stephen’s City, VA. Overall, they are very nice dogs. We are coming to the point in which we can no longer care for them properly, either we turn into the local SPCA which is not a desire, or we find them a good home

They are nice dogs and need a good home. Unfortunately, we can no longer give them proper attention due to our travels, etc. If you are interested in giving O’Ryan a new home, and would like more information you can email bolten.diane@gmail.com or fill out a application below.