Bree is a 3 y/o Border Collie. She has been spayed and chipped and is up to date on all her shots . Bree is very active and sweet but needs to be the only dog in the home although she loves humans including children and cats. She does not get along with other dogs and when I walk her I need to muzzle her and be diligent about keeping her from other dogs. She is so smart knows at least a dozen words: bone, toy, kennel, sit, down, get it, place, ok, come, no. She will walk right into her kennel at bed time and will only get on the bed or couch when I invite her. She needs to be on a leash but if not on a leash and no other dogs around she will come when she is call. She eats well, Taste of the Wild dry dog food. Sardines once in a while. Playing catch and release is her favorite game.

Bree was rehomed because the lady I got her from didn’t know of the energy of this type of dog. I have had her since mid Aug 19. Bree gets along very well with humans and children, other dogs she has a problem with, there was an incident when another dog did come on our property, she did bite him. I do not know what happened to her that she reacts that way. She gets along with cats and children, but should be placed in a home with children 12 years and older. When she comes in contact with another dog she will lunge and bark a lot. She is definitely a only dog in the family. She plays well and is a pro at throw and she catches. She absolutely love this and get so much energy out.

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