Tripawd! This little lady only has 3 legs, but don’t tell her that! She never lets that get in her way. She can go on walks and her previous owner even took her on a few hikes – with plenty of breaks when that back leg got tired. However, Arcadia will happily entertain herself with squeaky toys or an antler bone. If toys are present, she never puts any inappropriate household items in her mouth.

She is house trained and a quick study with tricks and training. She knows basic house manners, can sit, lay down, and will even go to her crate on cue! She also has a solid “go to bed” behavior and will stay there even when her dinner is being served until she is released with an “okay.”

Most of all, this little lady is a lover. She loves to cuddle and be near her person. Pets are awesome, but belly rubs are just the bees knees. She is sweet with small children and babies – who she loves to sniff and give kisses to. Arcadia would do best in a home without dogs or cats.

Will you give this beautiful lady the chance she deserves?

Reason for re-homing? I am selling my house and moving in to an apartment. With Arcadia’s fear of other dogs, I know it would not be fair to move in to a dog friendly apartment complex where she could be faced with that fear on a daily basis. At the moment, I just don’t have the money or time to work with a trainer on this issue.

Arcadia is located in Asheville, NC. For more info, reach out to Megan at 412-737-4011.