Skye is a 9 month old border collie. She loves to fetch a ball. She is good with people. She is crate trained and sleeps well in her crate at night. She is pretty calm in the house. She knows sit, down and is working on drop it. She is a smart girl and learns fast.

There was an altercation with my son's Yorkie who did need to get stitches, she has been with the Yorkie since she was 5 weeks old and has never been aggressive towards her so I don't know what happened. She is not good with strange dogs either, she will try to jump on them, it may be her way of trying to play. She is also not good with chickens or ducks.

She is good with people and is a very loving girl. I would love to see her trained for some type of sport or either be trained as a working dog. She came from working dogs and she has a strong herding instinct.This may be a good way for her to let out the energy she has. Skye is not spayed which may also be leading to her sudden aggressiveness towards other dogs.

She would need to be a only pet, all in all she is a great dog who needs some training & discipline. I am asking for a re homing fee to assure she goes to a family who can afford to take care of her. Skye is located in Bristol VA, If you are interested in giving this beautiful girl a home you can email