Bennie is a gorgeous 1-1.5 years old border collie. He is around 45 pounds of youthful energy and has a kind, loving and playful disposition. The best account we have for his past is that he was dumped in the country to fend for himself and found his way to a rural home. He stayed with this family for several months; they were, however, unable to properly care for him so they reached out to rescue for assistance. It defies understanding why the original owners would have abandoned this boy… He has a fabulous personality! He loves people and other dogs. And, it is obvious that they spent time with him… so far his foster mom has figured out that he knows sit and down (although he enjoys rolling on his back and even rolling over for the down command); he recalls beautifully to a whistle; he has been trained to touch his nose to your hand when extended to him; he plays fetch and knows “leave it”; he appears to know the “wait” command when asked of him before leaving an open gate. Who knows what else this boy already understands! If only he could tell us.

What is apparent about Bennie is that he appears to be very smart and loyal. He wants companionship, both canine and human. He is also very food motivated and enjoys playing with toys. In fact, he seems to taunt the other dogs into playing with him as he prances around them with a toy in his mouth. So cute! He also enjoys fetching for his foster mom as well as just some nice one-on-one time getting petted. Bennie is fairly high energy. He is going to need a home with a sizable yard for daily unleashed exercise as well as people willing to provide for his activity level. Currently he spends all day in a three acre “play pen” with several canine companions and has daily fetching exercises before dinner. Due to his energy level, Bennie is not a candidate for extended crating during the day while at work.

Although Bennie is responsive to many commands and seems to enjoy learning, he becomes distracted when other dogs are around and loses his focus during training or play sessions. He will run fence lines if other dogs are running opposite him and has difficulty turning this mode off…likely his herding instincts kicking in. So, adjacent yards without canines and/or training to refocus this behavior is recommended. Bennie is a wonderful young guy looking for a person to give him direction, leadership and focus. He is going to make a very nice family pet or farm companion. He is neutered, utd on vaccinations and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. Bennie is being fostered by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue in Apple Grove, VA (west of Richmond). If you would like more information Bennie you can contact his foster mom at or you can apply to adopt below.