Frost is a no-nonsense, pure bred border collie, with a focused, but calm demeanor. She is a bid timid of new situations and people, but warms up quickly and soon after meeting you will be placing a paw in the air to request a bit of attention. Frost is approximately 7 years old and has spent the majority her life as a breeding dog, most likely in a kennel, but has settled into home life quite easily. She takes long walks with her dog brother every morning and evening, meets new people who visit the house, rides to the park and snoozes on the dog bed next to her foster mom like she's done it all her life. She does have a fear of thunderstorms, and sudden loud noises but does fine as long as she is inside.

Frost would be quite happy as an only dog and cannot live with cats. She gets along fine with other dogs, sometimes she tries to herd them, but mostly ignores them, even pesky young ones that try to get her to play. She is strong willed and won't tolerate any foolishness for which she has affectionately been nicknamed 'the schoolmarm'. Frost is a dog that is devoted to her people or person, and while enjoys being near you is not a 'velcro dog'. She would do fine with older, respectful children (age 10+), as she enjoys their company and attention but doesn't like sudden movements.

Frost is strong and athletic, but is content with long daily walks and time to watch the world go by on the porch. She has had hip surgery recently, though has recovered and is as mobile as ever. Frost rides wonderfully in the car, doesn't chew anything but her toys (which she is just now discovering can be fun), wouldn't dream of getting up on a piece of furniture or pulling on leash, and is fairly quiet, unless she senses something is amiss (typically when other dogs are barking) and will join in to sound the alarm and try to figure out what is wrong so she can restore order to the house. Frost has a lovely demeanor with a bit of a quirky personality that would fit well into most homes where she is given the time and attention from her humans that she so enjoys.

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