Trevor is an 8-month-old short-haired border collie who came to ARCBCR from a hoarding situation. He is polite and quiet in the house but playful outside. He is very sweet and enjoys head scratches, hugs and belly rubs. Extremely smart, Trevor is already housebroken (so long as he is allowed to go out frequently), crate-trained and knows several commands, including “sit,” “down, “come" and "crate up" and is working on “leave it” and “stay.” He loves to play fetch and tug of war with his foster brother, another border collie.

Although he can be a bit shy of new people, he warms up after a while. Because he came from a home with way too many dogs and never wore a collar until two weeks ago, he is still working on his leash training. He also is a bit underweight due to a lack of adequate food and medical attention, but has since started to gain a few pounds.

At his foster home, he has free range of a large fenced-in backyard and enjoys romping and exploring.

He also is quite fascinated with cats, using any face-to-face encounter as an opportunity to show off his border collie stare and crouch. He isn’t aggressive but can be quite obsessive, so if he is placed in a household with cats, they need to be relatively calm, dog-savvy and at ease with being the object of groupie-like worship (or mistakenly identified as sheep).

Trevor has a very calm, kind temperament and is good with children and other dogs. In fact, he loves the company of dogs and would do best if placed in a home with one or two other dogs.

Trevor is neutered and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm and flea/tick preventatives and has received a clean bill of health. If you would like more information about Trevor you can email or apply to adopt below.