Hokie Pokie is a purebred, registered border collie. Yes, that is his registered name. He is just over a year old and around 45 pounds. Although Hokie can be pretty laid back, he still has an energy that requires a good amount of exercise. He is leash trained and enjoys walks; but, he delights in regular all out runs. So, a spacious yard, where he can “let go” would be much to his liking as would a yard filled with squirrels… he is totally mesmerized with the little critters and entertains himself by chasing them from tree to tree.

Hokie is a loving and sensitive guy that will make a very nice family dog. He is not your obsessed, over-the-top border collie, but is actually a bit on the reserved side. He greets with more of an aloof affection; he settles nicely in the house; snuggles quietly in his crate for a good night’s sleep; is housebroken; is great with other dogs and people; super with children, especially fond of older children; knows sit, down, stay, come, give me a paw, and leave it; no mouthing; no poop eating; no food or toy guarding; no separation anxiety. He is still a little fearful of new situations (like carpeted stairs) and, he is prone to car sickness, but getting better. So, he will need someone gentle and patient to expose him to new things in life and help him get over his fears of traveling in a car.

Hokie is being fostered in Apple Grove, VA (just west of Richmond) by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue. He is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, is heartworm negative and on heartworm and flea and tick medications. If interested in adopting Hokie you can apply to adopt below. For questions about Hokie please contact his foster at lamblady.anne@gmail.com.