Floyd is a 2-year-old, owner surrendered, pure-bred border collie with performance potential or for someone looking for a very active companion who loves to play.  He is a frisbee fanatic.  But when the frisbee is put up he doesn’t hesitate to bring you his favorite balls, tug or squeaky toys for some additional fetching. He will fetch 24/7.  Floyd is also the Forest Gump of dogs… he loves to run!  He has also shown great potential and desire for agility… learning and executing jumps and the tunnel with ease…he loved it!  He also loves to play hide-and-seek with his toys, giving him potential for nose-work. In addition to his amazing work/play and athletic qualities, Floyd is also a fun and loyal companion, affectionate, very intelligent, gets along with other dogs and is a quick learner.   

On the flip side…Floyd is very intense, high energy and has some serious ocd behaviors.  He needs both amble exercise and mental stimulation daily to help him deal with this.  His current daily routine includes frisbee or fetch, a good hour of free running during “walks in the woods” with his foster mom on their farm, including playtime in the creek; and, unlimited independent play in his three-acre playpen with his other canine companions.  Because of his need to run he is going to need a home with acreage…no suburban or city yards for this pup!  

Unfortunately, Floyd’s life began in a city where he was confined to a crate as a puppy, in a garage, where power tools were being used. Because of this, he developed significant obsessive-compulsive behaviors triggered by noises. He is now highly reactive to noises ranging from chopping vegetables, electric toothbrushes and hairdryers to significant noises from power tools, lawnmowers, etc.  When indoors he reacts primarily by pacing and licking floors; when outdoors he can lunge and bite at the source of the noise or go into a running mode. Floyd was rescued from his garage confinement by a young lady who took him home to a new life on a farm. She worked with him for over a year before he came to ARCBCR. 

To help Floyd with his anxieties he is on calming supplements and his foster mom is working on desensitizing him to noises using redirection techniques. It’s a slow process but he is showing great progress. He is exhibiting normal play behaviors with other dogs; is learning to deal with noises by redirecting his focus to toys and responding to negative voice commands; and, he is learning how to settle down in the house (even then you will continually find a frisbee or ball in your lap.) Floyd is a sound sleeper at night but at daylight loves to jump into bed and snuggle for a while before beginning another day. 

Because of his ocd, Floyd will need an environment where noises can be managed to some extent and with people who are dedicated to continue desensitizing him to the noises that affect him.  He also cannot be crated.

This beautiful boy is obviously not the dog for just anyone.  We are looking for a very special placement for Floyd. He is a dynamic and loving boy that needs a committed companion. He will only be considered for adoption to a very experienced border collie or dog home, with preference to someone who has time, space and desire to work with him, be there for him, and perhaps get him involved in performance activities, for hobby or competition. It is advisable for interested persons to have experience with ocd issues. 

Except for his unfortunate beginnings in his garage home, Floyd has only known farm life. He is not car or road savvy. So, a rural home off the road is desired.  Floyd is off leash at his foster farm and is always within ear shot of home.  He is great at coming when called even when out of sight. He makes a wonderful indoor/outdoor dog…he loves hanging out in the yard almost as much as being inside with his people. He is also not real fond of cats and has not been tested on other small animals or livestock. Because of his reactivity to some noises, he will not be to adopted to a household with small children. However, he would relish the companionship of an older child who can play with him. 

Floyd is being fostered by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue in Mineral, VA. You can apply to adopt Floyd below. QUALIFIED persons only please.  Floyd is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, housebroken and on heartworm preventative. For additional information on Floyd contact his foster mom at lamblady.anne@gmail.com.