Sweet Boy, who is fondly known as Sweets, was rescued by a family that previously adopted one of our dogs. He wandered into their yard in terrible shape and basically collapsed. They immediately took him to the vet and attempted, with no success, to find his owner. Sweets was very thin, covered in ticks and mats, and had a stick wedged in the roof of his mouth which had been there some time. Although he was in rough shape from neglect and the wedged stick, he had no lingering health problems. The very kind family got him on his feet but were unable to keep another dog. They contacted ARC and brought him to us so he could find a great home where he would be treated with love and care he never received previously. Sweet Boy is fully recovered and looking to become part of a loving family. He is about 9 years old, very affectionate, loves car rides, going for walks, and lounging on his dog bed. Sweets gets along well with female dogs and cats, but isn't fond of other male dogs. 

Sweets is being fostered in the Richmond VA area. If you would like more information about Sweets please email manypawz1122@gmail.com or apply to adopt below.