Zoomie is an incredibly happy and sweet smooth coat Border Collie/Terrier mix, about a year old with a cute speckled ear that doesn't know which way to flop. He is a nice medium, compact size at ~ 45 pounds. Zoomie is an affectionate, energetic boy and he loves to play with other dogs. Although he is such a lively boy, he is very respectful of the senior dogs at his foster home which the elder girls and his foster mom find very endearing. Though good with other dogs, Zoomie's true love is people. A quick subtle glance from his person across the room and his tail is wagging and he's coming over to try and give you a hug. While his exuberance at being with his person is strong and his hugs are very 'big' he is willing to learn and quickly picked up on 'sit' now that he knows it is what makes his person happy (treats are of secondary importance to him!). Zoomie rides well in the car, is a quiet guy inside the house, walks well on leash, loud cars/bikes don't phase him and he greets new people with his usual happy tail wag and desire to give them a hug. He really seems to appreciate any small act of kindness, and this wagging hugging bundle of love deserves a home where he is appreciated in kind.

Zoomie is being fostered in the Richmond VA area. If you would like more information you can email manypawz1122@gmail.com or submit our adoption application below if you can give this cute boy a fun and loving home.