Sweet baby Blue is looking for a running partner or someone to teach her new tricks. Blue is a year old and still acting like a puppy around other dogs. She is house trained, crate trained, and very friendly.

As a Border Collie, she will need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. However, she does have an off switch and will settle down. She is still building her confidence and needs someone with patience to work with her. She is very eager to please and follow the rules; she just needs someone to show her what to do. If Blue does not get enough exercise and guidance she will get anxious and excited and bark and lunge to let off some steam.

Blue is beautiful and deaf. She is very smart and reads human body language very well to compensate. She wants to be close to her humans and keeps a close eye on us. She also has a little difficulty understanding dogs, she can’t hear them growl and sometimes gets so excited she barks very loudly in their face. She takes corrections well and quickly learns how to avoid conflict with dogs and humans. She co-exists with two other dogs in her foster home well. She doesn’t know how to play with them (yet) but she knows how to avoid their favorite toys. I think, she would welcome the opportunity to live with another dog or two, she needs companionship.

At the moment Blue will only go up and down outside (deck) stairs and is afraid of inside stairs. I think this is something she will overcome with some patience and motivation. We will work with Blue’s adopter and help them learn to communicate with her using dog sign language and also be available for advice and help with anything else that comes up. She is so sweet and loving, she will be easy for someone who is willing to put in the time to exercise her and has the patience to teach her new things.

Blue is being fostered in Reston VA, if you would like more info on her you can email or apply to adopt below.