If you could be “Queen for a day” what would you want to do? In Queenie’s case she would probably just like to run and play without the pain associated with her hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip socket that causes painful movement and degeneration of the hip joints. It is often associated with “backyard breeding,” where breeding for “looks” is given priority over breeding for soundness. Dogs unfortunate enough to inherit hip dysplasia are doomed to a life of pain if untreated. Queenie is one of those dogs. Queenie is an absolutely beautiful, sweet, 9-month-old border collie that was turned into a Virginia shelter by her owners. Their love for this dog far surpassed their greed to keep her. They noticed something was wrong with Queenie and then got the devastating news that she had a bad case of hip dysplasia. Knowing they could not afford the surgery to help her, they relinquished her - hoping and praying that someone would come along that could help her. Queenie remained in the shelter for quite a while without interest from the outside world. Nobody seemed to want a dog with this issue to deal with. That is, until Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue (ARCBCR) came along. One look at that face melted everybody’s heart…and, Queenie’s world was about to change.

ARCBCR is a small non-profit rescue based out of Richmond, Virginia. They rescue, foster and rehome border collies and border collie mixes and are 100% volunteer based. ARCBCR rescued Queenie on August 4th. Before Queenie can be adopted to a new forever home she needs to undergo surgery on both hips. ARCBCR is committed to seeing her through this. Queenie now lives with her new foster family on a farm with five canine companions. It is here that she is being loved, and sheltered, and spoiled! It is here that she awaits her two live-changing surgeries and where she will be cared for and rehabilitated afterwards.

In a normal hip joint, the femur connects to the pelvis at the hip joint. The round end of the femur fits deeply and snuggly into the pelvis socket. This is not the case with Queenie’s hips. In her case, the femur does not fit correctly into the pelvic socket - and she pays the price for it, 24-7! This young girl of 9 months is stiff and sore when rising from rest; she bunny-hops with her back legs rather than moving them alternately in a normal gait: she shows discomfort when standing on her rear legs for long periods and sits or collapses to a reclining position to recharge; she can’t jump up, has trouble climbing stairs, and exhibits atrophy of the muscles in the hip area.

However, all this can change with surgery! Queenie is on medications to help manage her pain. However, her only hope for long-term, pain free, and more normal usage of her hips and legs is to undergo femoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery. This procedure removes the rounded head of the femur with a resultant “scar tissue joint” formed. It takes the place of the hip joint. This surgery will probably result in some reduction of hip function for her, but, in return, vastly improve her overall quality of life. 

Queenie is an amazing young lady…as sweet, and fun, and loving as they come. She has not let her issues slow her down much. She plays hard, loves life and toys, and kisses like there is no tomorrow. She is worth every penny that needs to be spent on her to give her a long and deserving life. She has a long and difficult road to go though…it will be about a year from the first of two surgeries before she is fully recovered.

Queenie’s surgeries are a significant cost for this small rescue. So, ARCBCR is looking for your help to raise $2,500 for her surgeries by September 30th. Her first surgery is scheduled for the end of September at Locke Taylor Veterinarian Hospital in Richmond, VA. All proceeds will be used directly to pay for Queenie's medical expenses. Thank You

If you would like to donate to help with Queenie's expenses please click the GoFundMe link!