Queenie is an absolutely beautiful, sweet and intelligent 10-month-old border collie (as of October 2018). Unfortunately, she has a very bad case of hip dysplasia. Her owners, knowing they could not afford the surgery to correct her condition, relinquished her to a shelter with
the hopes someone would come along that could help her. Queenie remained in the shelter for quite a while without any interest - seemed nobody wanted to take on a dog with this issue. That is, until ARCBCR came along. One look at that face melted everybody’s heart…and, Queenie’s world was about to change. ARCBCR rescued Queenie on August 4th, 2018.

Before Queenie can be adopted to a new forever home she needs to undergo surgery on both hips. ARCBCR is committed to seeing her through this… a process that will take about a year. Queenie is currently living with her foster family on a farm with five canine companions and a couple cats. It is here that she is being loved, and sheltered, and spoiled! It is here that she awaits her two live-changing surgeries and where she will be cared for and rehabilitated afterwards. Through the generous donations of many people, Queenie will be undergoing two total hip replacements! These surgeries should give her a life with normal mobility and without the constant pain caused by her current condition.

Queenie is an amazing young lady…as sweet, and fun, and loving as they come. She has not let her issues slow her down much. She plays hard, loves life and toys, and kisses like there is no tomorrow. She has a long and difficult road ahead but she is a spunky girl with a lot of support to get her through this. The first of her two surgeries will hopefully be in the beginning of the new year… a great time for a new beginning. You can follow Queenie’s progress on our Facebook page.