Tess loves you already!  This 3-year-old border collie mix is all about her people!  She is truly an attention hound.  Sweet, affectionate, loyal, and beautiful, that is Tess. She has a perfect energy level- ready to romp and play outside, but also fine to chill at your feet inside. She is good with other dogs and cats- fairly indifferent, actually, because she is so into YOU!  She has no resource guarding issues, eating right next to my other pup with no trouble. She walks well on a leash- no pulling! She gets super excited when we get home, and it is hard for her to contain her joy!  When she first came into her foster home, she loved to jump up on us, demand our attention, and compete with our pup for it.

The shelter director noted that she has some herding instincts with nipping.  We have not seen much of that. She has lightly grabbed my hand to get my attention a couple of times. We have kids and she has not tried to herd them or the other dog.  We are teaching her to sit before she gets petting and other privileges and to wait her turn for affection if we are petting our other dog.  She is learning better manners every day.  Tess is housebroken. She is a good guard dog, barking when she hears us enter the house, but rarely otherwise. Tess enjoys walks and any affection you want to lay on her.  She sleeps quietly on a dog bed throughout the night.  

Tess is currently being fostered in the Virginia Beach area.  She is spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations.  Tess is heartworm positive, however, and will be undergoing treatment in September and October in the Norfolk, Virginia area.  We will be accepting applications for post treatment placement.  Tess is move-in ready and will be a wonderful addition to your family! 

If you would like more information on Tess you can email maizeycay@yahoo.com or apply to adopt below.