Jennifer is a fluffy, petite (31 lbs), tri-colored mix, picked up as a stray in South Carolina just before Christmas. Our best guess for breed is some kind of collie/aussie/sheltie mix and the vet estimates her to be 5 years old. She is healthy, energetic, and has a very happy personality. She is very friendly with people, most often greeting them with excited wiggling and shuffling followed by rolling over on her back for a tummy rub. She enjoys attention, but is not velcro, she will snuggle with you, but doesn't come seeking you out. Jennifer has not spent time with young children in her foster home, but when she has met them on walks etc. she treats them like anyone else (happy, happy, love, love, wiggle, wiggle) and I would expect her to be fine with respectful children of any age.  Though she doesn't live with cats in her foster home, she was introduced to cats in a home environment and ignored them, so she should be OK with dog savy cats.
Jennifer has plenty of energy (leash puller for now, but she has not had much experience yet) and runs around and wrestles with my energetic 2-yr old dog for 10-15 minute play sessions, but then is ready to snooze or relax on the couch (see photos) when she is hanging out at home. She will eat/spend time in her crate if asked, but does not need to be crated as she does not get into trouble (no chewing, no accidents) when left alone at home with her dog brother during the day (with the exception of one shuffling through the recycling event). She is not super food motivated, grazing at her dinner over time and she takes treats slowly with a gentle mouth.

While having a fairly easy-going personality, Jennifer would do best in a home with another dog (or dogs) or in a home where people are home more often than not as she has shown some separation anxiety when left completely alone (no people or dogs). While she does great off leash with other dogs, she does tend to bark when on leash when near other dogs, so this is something an adopter will have to work on with her in order to curb that (common) behavior. Jennifer (called Juniper at her home), is a super soft, fluffy, happy girl with a nice moderate amount of energy, very playful and not requiring extensive exercise. She would do well in a home where she gets regular exercise and companionship with people and/or other dogs throughout the day. 

If you are interested in learning more about Jennifer, please contact her foster mom at Or you can apply below to adopt.