Gannon is a cute 3 - 4 year old Border Collie mix who apparently had a rough life before coming into rescue. He is hesitant and shy with people he doesn't know, more so with men, but once he trusts you he is a loveable, sweet guy. There was very little fur on his rear end and tail when he was rescued, but with some TLC and good food he now sports a nice fluffy coat. I have included a picture of Gannon when he came into rescue so you can see how different he looks now. Gannon gets along well with female dogs and easy going males. He can be confrontational with dominant males. His energy level is moderate and he walks fairly well on a leash. Gannon is crate trained and doing well with house training. Since it appears that that he suffered some abuse in his previous life, he is not recommended for children under 8 years. A quiet, loving home that would build his confidence would be perfect for Gannon. If you are interested in adding Gannon to your family, please complete our on-line application below