If you are looking for a sweet-natured, easy going companion who loves cuddle, Fez is your guy. Even though he’s only about 14 months old, Fez was taught his manners & it shows. He knows basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down, and no—his least favorite! He responds to his name (originally Fezzik, though I have been calling him ‘Fez’ or ‘Fezzy’ with equal success).

His previous family also taught him basic commands by non-verbal hand signals which is pretty neat.
Fez is well-mannered and eager to please. He is good on the leash with very little pulling. He is receptive to obeying and listening and is eager to please, so any refining on etiquette and rules, as needed, would be well received.

Even though he is about 65 lbs, Fez is a gentle big guy. He very rarely makes a peep and I have only heard him bark a handful of times since I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet boy.

Fez likes to wiggle wildly to greet you at the door when you get home—he’s so glad you’re back! He does not bark or jump and the happy wiggles subside once he’s had a proper petting.

Fez does very well on his own; he has had free roam of the house while I am away at work, etc. There has only one occasion that he has chewed—getting his harness off the back of the door and chewing it to pieces one night, which was probably his way of saying “I’m not a big fan of this thing/please give me a chew toy”. He loves his blanket and his stuffed animals and can always pass the time with a tough raw hide bone. While he never chews these when he’s around people, the bones disappear overnight so he definitely knows how to get his (appropriate) chew on!

Additionally, he is housebroken and has had no “accidents”.

While he does well with cats, he can also get a bit too exuberant; he grew up with several cats and does not chase them but a cat that can firmly stand their ground and make it clear they do not appreciate any unwanted attention would do best. Fez also gets along well with other dogs though he would also do well being an only pet, as he can get somewhat jealous of the attention given to other pets in the household. He will nuzzle his way in to remind you he needs extra love and attention.
Loud or sudden noises, especially while outside, can startle Fez. He also seems to be reluctant to meeting males. He will need a household that is low key and preferably in a quiet setting. Any males in the home will need to take some one-on-one time to earn Fez’s trust. He would do well in a home with older children.

Fez has some allergies and can get very itchy, especially in the cold & dry winter months. He takes antihistamines twice a day to keep the scratchies at bay. He also gets some eye goobers from allergies, though the vet isn’t sure the culprit of his allergies and recommended that he take fish oil pills or omega-3’s added to his food, daily, along with the antihistamines. 
Fez is totally a mutt—and that’s part of what makes him so great! Though his previous family thought he was some sort of Collie mix, after getting to spend quality time with Fez, it’s more likely that he is mostly a flat-coated retriever, with possible lab and maybe a little bit of border collie.

For a dog that is still quite young, he is very laid-back; he does not seem to exhibit any herding behavior and running around the yard for 15 minutes tires him out. He would do well with a moderately active forever home but does not seem to have the intense need to have a job like a border collie.

He has massive, fluffy feet which he likes to use for digging in the yard if he is bored and left to his own devices. This behavior is very common for flat-coated retrievers, but so is his love for water! Because he does so well in car rides, Fez would love to take an adventure to the river or lake—really any body of water where he can frolic and show you his excellent water-loving skills. 
Fez will make a truly loveable addition to any family lucky enough to have him.

Fez is being fostered in the Richmond, VA area.