Sydney is a one-year-old border collie mix who weighs approximately 45 pounds. We think his other half is Australian Shepherd (hence his new name).  

Sydney is a very mellow guy. He does not have the over-the-top energy of a purebred border collie and is very quiet in the house. He loves, loves, LOVES people and other dogs. He is very good on the leash (walks really well, doesn't pull), is very happy to do whatever, enjoys squeak toys and rawhides and loves playing tug of war and keep away with his three-year-old border collie foster brother, Lachlan.

Syd had a very hard time in his early life. He was seized from an abusive situation, had lost hair around his eyes and on his face due to stress and malnutrition and ended up spending six weeks in a North Carolina shelter before ARCBCR became aware of his story and pulled him out.

When Sydney arrived in foster care, he was very thin, very stressed and a little guarded and defensive with the other dogs. However, in just a few short weeks, he has settled in extremely well into life in a busy household. He is now very trusting of his dog friends, confident and loving, has put on 5 pounds and the hair on his face is slowly filling back in.

Sydney is crate trained and largely housebroken (so long as you listen to him when he “tells” you it’s time to go out). He walks amazingly well on a leash (doesn’t pull at all) and loves to go for walks on the farm or to run loose in his fenced-in yard.

He is still pretty much a puppy and likes to chew and get into things. However, he is becoming much more disciplined as he has learned several commands including “sit,” “down,” “here” (when he's not distracted) and is working on “stay” and “leave it.”

Sydney’s one real flaw is that he is not good with cats. He wants to chase them and can sometimes be a little aggressive about it. He has gotten better with positive reinforcement training and he may grow out of it entirely as he gets older, but because of this tendency to chase, he will not be adopted to a home with cats.

He is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and on heartworm and flea/tick prevention.

Sydney is being fostered in Central Virginia. For more information, contact his foster mother, Heather, at