Jaxson is a young, beautiful, active, (and appears to be) purebred border collie looking for a rural home with acreage and experienced dog owners. He is around 40 pounds; athletic; moderate energy level; good with dogs: afraid of cats; bonds quickly; loving and affectionate once he trusts you; and, has found love with squeaky toys!

Now for the particulars...He was rescued from a very rural Virginia shelter; and was likely a country boy! He is right at home on his foster farm where one of his favorite places to be is hanging out in the yard. He doesn't wander and hangs within sight of his foster mom when working outside. When mom is not around he is completely at ease being alone.

Jaxson can easily scale the average four foot fence and has successfully challenged a six foot kennel and privacy fence repeatedly. Because he can't be easily confined with conventional fencing his ideal home environment will have some acreage and be away from high traffic roads.

Jaxson is a quintessential border collie by nature..focused and smart. He exhibits some inherent herding instinct and will give his canine companions the occasional border collie "eye" and nip. But, all too funny is that he runs when encountering the house cats. He does, however, have some trust issues with people that appear to come from some abuse. So, slow, easy, hands-off introductions are needed. He gains trust and bonds quickly once he knows things are safe. Then, it all out affection!!! He has been to PetSmart and out for dinner in public. His trust of people and situations will continue to improve with additional socialization.

Jaxson also has a passion for being indoors when the workday is done and his people come inside. He settles in nicely, has some dinner, chills out for awhile with both his human and canine family, then raids the toy basket in search of the squeaky toys. His foster mom is working with him on his crate training and house training. It's coming along nicely but will need to be continued in his new home. When left alone indoors he has exhibited some anxiety; but, with training should be able to overcome it

Jaxson is very respectful of his other six canine companions. He enjoys a good romp and play session; doesn't show any resource guarding with food or toys.

Some of Jaxsons favorite things are hanging out with his mom, going for walks in the woods, rolling over for belly rubs, giving kisses, getting petted and hugged on, and most of all squeaky toys. He has behaved nicely at the vet and groomer.

Because of his fear issues we are suggesting a household with experienced dog people and adults only, or a family with older children.

Jaxson is neutered, utd on vaccinations, and on heartworm and flea/ tick prevention. If you have a rural lifestyle and are interested in Jaxson, you can apply to adopt below. Questions about Jaxson can be sent to lamblady.anne@gmail.com.