Jaxson is a young, active, (and appears to be) purebred border collie looking for a rural home with dog savvy people. He was rescued from a very rural Virginia shelter; and, based on his behaviors, it appears his previous life was as a country boy!

His foster mom thinks that Jaxson was likely a yard/farm dog as his favorite place to be is hanging out in the yard on his foster farm. He doesn't wander. He also loves following his foster mom around and hangs with her when working outside.

Jaxson loves it when his people are outside with him but is completely at ease alone when they are not around. And that's a good thing as he can easily scale the average four foot fence and has successfully challenged a six foot kennel. Because he can't be easily confined, he is not a good choice for a city or suburban home.

He does not follow vehicles entering or leaving the farm, except when his foster mom comes home...then he becomes a one dog welcoming committee complete with excited tail wags and wiggles as well as rollovers for belly rubs.

His foster mom doesn't have livestock anymore so can't tell if Jaxson is a cow hand or sheep herder. He has, however, become infatuated with his foster sister, Beanie. He also gets along great with the other four dogs on the farm. He has not exhibited herding behavior with them, nor any nipping.

Besides Beanie, some of Jaxsons favorite things are hanging out with his mom, going for walks in the woods, rolling over for belly rubs, giving kisses and getting petted and hugged on. He is also learning that toys can be fun.

Jaxson's relationship with children is unknown so his foster mom is suggesting a household with adults only or a family with older children.
Jaxson is nuetered, utd on vaccinations, and on heartworm and flea/ tick prevention. If you have a rural lifestyle and are interested in Jaxson, you can apply to adopt below. Questions about Jaxson can be sent to lamblady.anne@gmail.com.