Marley is a 35lbs, 7 year old border collie who came from an unfortunate situation but has turned out to be such a loving and sweet companion! She had so much matting that the groomer had to shave it all off, so we named her Marley (after Bob Marley) because she had so many dreads! Once her fur grows back, she will have a beautiful coat. 

This girl LOVES to cuddle! She gets so excited when her foster mom sits on the couch because that means she can jump up on her lap and get some lovin! Despite living outside in a kennel for at least 6 years, she quickly learned to scratch on the door to go to the bathroom outside and will scratch at the door to tell you to let her back in. She likes to explore the back yard and sniff around especially if she has company. You can usually find her curled up on the couch or following her foster mom around while she does chores. She's not very vocal, but will greet you with the most adorable howl when you walk in the door or when she first sees you in the morning!

She would fit in perfectly with someone who is looking for a low-energy couch buddy and that is willing to occasionally take her on walks and will give her an abundance of love! She currently lives with her foster parents and their two high-energy male dogs. She would feel most comfortable in a home with other low-energy dogs, but she puts with her two crazy foster brothers! She lived with a female beagle for 6 years so she's proven to be good with males and females. Marley is very down-to-earth and every single person that meets her has said that she is incredibly sweet. 

Marley is being fostered in Richmond, VA. If you are interested in her, please fill out an application.