Sophie is a beautiful 9 year old pure-bred border collie who spent her entire life as the loving pet of a man who cared for her dearly, but passed away in his old age earlier this year. His beloved companion Sophie was even mentioned in his obituary. Sophie is loving, happy, smart and healthy and while she is very alert (watching rather than snoozing during the day) she doesn't need a lot of exercise, a morning and evening walk is enough for her. What she enjoys most is being with her person, and though cautious initially, only needs some happy talk to get her tail wagging and for her to put her paws up for a belly rub. Typically she likes to gather up her toys into a pile and chew on one but on occasion will bring one up to her foster mom for a game of tug when she's feeling playful.

Sophie loves being near her person and getting attention most of all but she is also fine at home alone (does not need a crate but will go in one), though does peer out the window when you leave, preferring to go with you if at all possible. Like many border collies, she has a fear of thunder and will hide in small spaces when storms pass. She is also sensitive to movement, in that she will wine and chase at moving shadows in the house, but she rides wonderfully in the car and walks like a dream on leash. Sophie pretty much ignores the other similar sized dog in her foster house, but can get jealous if he gets attention when she is near and she will snap at him on occasion. As a result, Sophie would do best as the only dog in a home, and based on her prior foster experience, cannot live with cats or small dogs. She would also be recommended for an adult only home, or one with older children. Sophie wants nothing more to have her very own person/people to love and watch over. Sophie is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and on heartworm and flea/tick prevention and being fostered in Charlottesville, VA. If you are interested in Sophie please apply through the website. Any specific questions about Sophie can be sent to her foster mom at You can apply to adopt below