Hi I’m Huck.  People say I am the most handsome guy they have ever met.  All I know is I am finally happy to be with someone who wants to take care of me.  I was found as a stray in Eastern NC and the doctor said I have worms in my heart.  A nice lady is taking care of me, and I hope to be all healed by the end of September.

I get along with everyone I meet, including other dogs, cats and kids.  I am extremely gentle and loyal.

My only vice is that I don’t like to be left alone.  In fact, I’ve escaped from my foster fence a few times.  Now that I know I am safe here, I’m not sure I need to do that anymore.  But, because I am a little anxious, I need a home where my person or another dog will be around during the day to keep me company.  I do not like to be shut up in a crate!!  I prefer the couch or a comfy bed.

I am a bit of a counter surfer, but that is only when my person leaves me alone!  Now that she has learned to start putting things away, I don’t get into too much trouble anymore. 

My DNA is full of the most beautiful breeds around!  If you want a designer looking dog without paying thousands of dollars, I am the mutt for you!  But, please don’t adopt me just for my looks….I need  someone who is going to provide me with a safe & loving environment, give me plenty of exercise, and make me a significant part of their family!   I am currently in Blacksburg VA.  Please feel free to text Ann at 540-250-8900 if you have questions about me. Or apply to adopt below.