Havoc is a very active, athletic, intelligent, and loving BC mix. He's about a year and a half old, 45 pounds and in excellent shape and health. He trends traditional bc markings complete with a "kiss mark" and an easy-care smooth coat.

Havoc, as the name implies, is a whirlwind of energy. He loves to run, play and wrestle, but he especially loves to chase his ball. He's very good at bringing it back, and will happily fetch it until he's completely tuckered out.

An ideal day for Havoc involves lots of fetch, some training with his favorite person, wrestling with a canine buddy, and cuddling with his humans at night. Once tired out from an active day, he's very happy to curl up on the couch with you and hang out. He's a very affectionate dog and bonds very strongly to his humans. He's definitely a velcro dog, and considers snuggling with a person and a nice chew toy to be the highlight of his evening.

Havoc has some anxiety issues that seem to manifest in urban/suburban environments. He also has a hard time focusings in places where there is too much going on. This means that it will probably always be hard for him to participate in organized dog sports; but, ideal for a person wanting to do recreational sporting at home or just enjoy the company of an active companion. Havoc is going to be a perfect fit for a family in a rural area that can give him the mental and physical exercise that he needs during the day and the love and affection he craves in the evening. He has not been tested with children, but would likely do fine with older kids who know how to act around an active dog.

He enjoys training, and knows his basics. He has also done some obedience and agility fundamentals, including some platform work, pivoting, wraps, and ground targeting. He's done all of the AKC novice and intermediate rally obedience signs, but has trouble chaining them together (it's hard for him to focus that long!). He has a decent amount of experience with shaping and will often eagerly offer behaviors. He understands the clicker. He's done very well with dogs ranging from 12 pounds up to 90, and is good at moderating his play according to their desires. Below are some of the commands Havoc was working on in his previous home:




Touch (target your palm with his nose)

Stay (keep position)

Wait (don't come closer, but okay to move around otherwise)

Leave it

Break (release word to get out of a stay, go through a door, etc)

Starboard (pivot counterclockwise into a left heel)

Port (pivot clockwise while in left heel)

Left (turn left while heeling)

Right (turn right while heeling)


Paw (shake your left hand with his right paw)

Shake (shake your right hand with his left paw)

Yes (reward marker, get treat from hand)

Toss (reward marker, treat is thrown somewhere on the ground)

Kip (reward marker, treat is thrown so that he can catch it with his mouth)

Sniff (reward marker, multiple treats are dropped on the floor)

Slow (reward marker, stay in place and wait for the treat to be delivered)

Chase (reward marker, toy is thrown)

Strike (reward marker, get the toy that the handler is holding)

Spin (spin clockwise)

Twirl (spin counterclockwise)

Around (walk around handler clockwise to a left finish)

Havoc is housebroken and crate trained. He'll whine in his crate some, but settles down when he realizes that he doesn't get to join in on anything exciting. He is neutered, utd on vaccinations, microchipped and on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Havoc is being fostered near Richmond VA by the Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue. If interested in adopting Havoc please submit an application below. For questions contact lamblady.anne@gmail.com.