Frick is a two year old Border Collie mix weighing in at 55 pounds. This very handsome boy has a moderate energy level and gets along well with other dogs, although he can be a bit bossy with some males. Frick is very devoted to his person but can be territorial about what he considers his surroundings. He is very protective of his fenced yard.

Frick needs a home that does not have much company as outsiders can ramp him up. If he's not at his home, Frick is great with meeting new people. He took training classes with Positive Paws K-9 Training,, and was great with the trainers. He is also well behaved at the the vet's office, visiting in the pet store, and going for walks away from home. He gently takes treats from everyone.

You couldn't ask for a more devoted canine friend, but he needs a quiet home life with very few visitors and without a lot of chaos. If a new person does visit, Frick will need to be managed and be put up in another room or crate with a tasty treat until the company is gone. If you have a suitable home and are willing to embrace and accept Frick's quirks in exchange for a devoted friend please submit the on-line adoption application.