Maverick is a very smart, rambunctious 4-year-old border collie. He is house trained, loves people, and learns quickly. Maverick has a lot of energy and is looking for an active household where he’ll get lots of companionship and positive training. He didn’t have the best start in life, and has some tendencies that his new owner will want to work with him to improve.

Maverick plays great with his foster brothers and other dog friends with whom he’s had proper introductions, but he is leash aggressive with strange dogs, and will lunge and bark at other dogs when he is on leash or behind a fence or window. He has shown some early progress with our training, but he’ll need lots of patient training to work through this before he can reliably go out for walks where he’ll meet other dogs on the leash. He won’t be a good fit for a household where dogs pass by the windows frequently. We also think he is too high-energy to be a good fit for kids. He demands lots of attention, and would be training and playing with you all the time if he had his way. He needs someone with experience training an energetic working dog.

Maverick loves people, snuggling, playing with our other dogs, chasing a ball, and training. He is house trained and crate trained, but doesn't want to be excluded from the pack, and can get stubborn when he thinks he is going to be tricked and locked away. Maverick sleeps in our den and has been left alone outside the crate without signs of separation anxiety. He has never destroyed anything in the house. Maverick will be an amazing dog, with some work with an experienced dog person. He has an enormous personality, and is playful, funny, loving and smart. He needs to find his person who will bond with him and show him the way. If you have questions about Maverick, contact his foster parents: