Miss Kelly now Katie

We adopted “Miss Kelly” after we lost our beloved Border Collie “Kelly” after 14 years. We were so sad and very hesitant to adopt again but we needed a special dog to mend our broken hearts. That’s when we found “Miss Kelly”, now “Katie”. “Katie” celebrated her 2nd birthday on February 14, 2007 Valentine’s Day, and she has become the cutest, funniest little girl and is beginning to trust people. She has even warmed up to her “grandparents”, taking a nap with “grandma” on the bed. “Katie” looks forward to her walks in the park, meeting people, and playing with her favorite toys, tennis and soccer balls. She is definitely coming out of her shell. Our sweet tempered little girl is super toy motivated and just loves stealing our shoes and sneakers, which makes us laugh. The daily phrase in our household is “Katie, where is Pop-Pop’s other shoe”? Her first visit to the vet went off without a hitch. The doctor even said, “You got lucky”. Needless to say, we are very lucky! “Katie” stole our hearts and is being spoiled rotten. Thank you Sandy and Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue, Inc. for helping to bring her into our lives.

- Andy & Karen