Karma Carly Got One on the Humans!

Hi ARCBCR and thank YOU for all your hard work! Without ARCBCR my feet would be so much colder tonight, and my Heart missing something HUGE!

Karma Carly now has the nick name "Focus Pocus"! We keep her busy with new tricks. Last week we decided the old 'shell game' trick, with a piece of cheese under one of 3 cups was a good exercise in "PAY ATTENTION." She did it twice and decided to turn the tables; She glanced toward the door behind us...nothing there...I asked her to 'find the cheese!' She looked at us like we were dimwits. We prompted, she sat there and stared at us. When I went to 'start over', NONE of the cups had cheese under them!!! In that SPLIT SECOND she got US to glance at the door, she'd stolen the treat without knocking over a cup! 

So, to review..."We are Chuck and Donna Millwater; College graduates; And we are NOT smarter than a Border Collie!"

Bless You and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!