Miki and Finn

We wanted to send you a few pics of Miki and Finn :)  Everything is going great.  I don't think Mr. Finn is happy to be in the crate while we are at work, but hopefully we'll be able to trust him within a few months or so (our goal).  I come home at lunch and get them outside/run around/chase tennis balls and each other.  I think they are more into chasing each other (and digging) at this point.  Miki sure is fast and quite the athlete!  We think she has kicked it up a notch this week (must be the "wheaties", lol).  Finn gets so frustrated trying to keep up with her.  Finn weighs in at 37.8 pounds.  Miki has developed what we call "the happy bark".  It's cute:  she throws her head back and barks in the air and then starts running around.  We've taken them to the local park on Sundays just to get the drill started with a car ride, walking on a leash, and seeing other people.  Miki is ok once she sees a squirrel along the way.  We also practice stop/sit while we walk.  I think we'll be in obedience/training classes in the near future, although they both catch on fast (food is a great motivator for Finn) for what we are working on at home. 
So, that's a quick update for this evening.  We'll send you more pics...actually, we can only get the pics when they are "wound down" ... they fly around the yard and I've taken several pics that either have a foot and the tip of a tail :)

Pat, Jeff, Miki, and Finn