My husband and I adopted Brenna soon after we got married 5 years ago and she has brought much joy to our lives with her loving personality and quirks. She enjoys being held on the swings and going down the slide at the playground, making snow angels in the snow, and going on vacations and staying in hotels. We got another border collie mix, Sophie, less than a year later after adopting Brenna and they enjoy rough housing at the dog park and in the water. Everyone asks if they are from the same litter because they look so much alike.

We thank Sandy and ARCBCR for rescuing Brenna from the shelter so she could have a happy life. I grew up with border collies and have come to the conclusion that a border collie/flat-coated retriever is the perfect mix! It only took us 3 years to convince Brenna to fetch a stick - apparently she only likes fetching in the water.

Happy Holidays,

Hilary, Jeremiah, Brenna, and Sophie (and ARCBCR foster dogs Jack and Alice)